Luminary Leadership

Luminary Leadership Program

Prepared by: Dawn Morningstar, Venerable Women


Reveal, develop, support, and connect women

  • leaders
  • teachers
  • healers
  • coaches
  • influencers
  • lightworkers


To awaken and fine-tune thoughtful, illuminated leadership in order to further elevate the consciousness of the Luminary Leader, her participants, and ultimately the world.

The Luminary Leader advances her own evolution by doing what she came to this earth to do in regard to helping humanity and she models and inspires others to do the same.


Must have completed the Venerable Women Living LOVE (Lives Of Venerable Expression) Program (in person or online) and remain a committed practitioner of the 12 V-Attitudes. Must have had prior experience leading, teaching, facilitating, coaching, or hosting a group of any size.

Program Outline

This program will excavate far beneath the surface of women’s extraordinary power to lead, influence, teach, coach, and heal on all levels and:

  • Build on the base of what’s been learned in Living LOVE (knowledge and practice of the 12 V-Attitudes, living with greater spiritual and self-awareness confidence)
  • Be among the first to learn the communication techniques presented in Dawn’s upcoming new book, co-written with Ruth Godfrey—which shows how to embrace curiosity-listening and sweaty-palm truth telling and have authentic conversations that connect us all at a heart level
  • Explore the depth, use, and gift of emotions
  • Learn, practice, and become certified in the ATM technique
  • Be coached and coach others in the group (with guidance by Dawn Morningstar using master coaching techniques)
  • Participate in “Take Your Higher Self to Another’s Work Day,” in group gatherings at participant’s work or practice location
  • Receive one personal coaching session with Dawn Morningstar
  • Use techniques and tools recommended by The Theory of Multiple Intelligences,  (to include and embrace all learning styles)
  • Stay in community with spiritually-awake, loving, kind, and evolved women on the path 


  • Six Month Program beginning Thursday, April 5, 2018
  • Meet monthly, the first Thursday of the month, in St. Paul from 6:30 to 8:30. Dinner and beverages will be available for purchase before our gathering
  • Optional “Take Your Higher Self to Another’s Work Day” gatherings in addition to our monthly meeting

Class Participants

  • This program is limited to twelve participants


Certification Requirements

  • Attend all meetings (unless extenuating circumstances occur)
  • Pay tuition in full
  • Complete Final Program interview with Dawn Morningstar

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