Sacred Conversations

Every third Tuesday of the month, share your wisdom and connect with venerable community. This live call is then turned into a podcast so you can listen when the time works for you!

How to join the call and listen live:

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Telephone: US: +1 669 900 6833 or +1 646 558 8656 
Meeting ID: 287 261 495

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  • Meditations
  • "Dear Venerable" 
  • Planetary influences
  • Special guest interviews
  • Upcoming Venerable Women events

Listening Library

Women's Sacred Conversations: Dr. Valorie Prahl--Symptoms as Messengers

Vennie Connect Podcast Episode 210: Women's Press Conversation: "Healing Trauma in Community"

Vennie Connect Podcast Episode 209: Accessing the Light of the Universe

Vennie Connect Podcast Episode 208: How to Manifest Your Dreams

Vennie Connect Podcast Episode 207: Women's Press "Using Our Voice & Vote"

Vennie Connect Podcast Episode 206: The Upside to Receiving Help

Vennie Connect Podcast Episode 205: Speaking Out and Speaking Up

Vennie Connect Podcast Episode 204: Women Answering the Call to Lead

Vennie Connect Podcast Episode 203: Living and Dying in HD

Vennie Connect Podcast Episode 202: Journeys and Goddesses 

Vennie Connect Podcast Episode 201: Turn On Your Light


Series One: V-Attitude Exploration 

Bonus Episode One:
The 5 Venerable Expressions of Being Recording

In the first bonus episode, Dawn provides a self-assessment tool that uncovers where you were, where you are, and where you may want to be on your spiritual/self-awareness journey. 

Bonus Episode Two:
Venerable Living BEST DAY Practice Recording

In the second bonus episode, Dawn focuses on The Venerable Living BEST DAY A.M. Practice to start each day in alignment with our highest selves.  

Vennie Connect V-Attitude Teachings
Highest & Best Self
Creation & Manifestation
Expression of the Divine
Joyful Abundance
Uplifted Lives
Circle of Life