Venerable Women High Council of Changemakers

  • $99.00

Q. What is The High Council and why were you invited?

  • The Venerable Women High Council of Changemakers (The High Council) was created to bring women together who demonstrate high spirituality and self-awareness, and who are bringing forth their gifts in our world.
  • You'll benefit from a combination of high-level sisterhood, mysticism and sacred networking.
  • You were selected because you embody spiritual maturity, live in awareness, and have an established practice, business or offering that benefits our world (or are deeply in the process of making that so). This High Council has met twice before and decided to invite more women to this extraordinary experience of support, networking and best practices. 
  • This is by invitation only, following the agreements above. Invitations may be made by Venerable Women LLC or one who has participated in two High Councils.
  • Invitation-only sets the tone for high-level connection. Think of it this way: if there was an abstract algebra or calculus college class offered, how would it work for an average third or fourth grader to attend? This is not meant to separate, but to honor where a person is on her journey.
  • Having invitation-only gatherings serves women on The High Council to be in a state of relaxation, feeling nurtured, open to sharing their business challenges, gain new wisdom and bring forth their spiritual vision in a confidential and sacred manner.
  • It is helpful for women who serve at this level to have time to relax from feeling the need to be in teaching or healing mode. We all do plenty of that already--and the High Council supports us to teach, heal and inspire in greater ways.

Q. What is the overall theme of these gatherings and how will it benefit you?

  • The themes and dates are listed below. As High Council Sisters, we are women who devote our lives to creating positive change in the world. We know we benefit from not always being in the role of teacher, leader or healer, but to be inspired in the presence of women on a similar path.
  • Together, we support one another's work so each of us expands our business, services, practices, offerings--and overall positive influence in the new world we are co-creating.
  • We energetically and practically elevate our offerings and expand our abundance (in unique, unexpected and synchronistic ways), knowing that not all abundance needs to come in the form of a dollar--for-service/product exchange. And sometimes it does! Both ways of attracting abundance work in our new paradigm.

Q. How often does the High Council meet and what are the upcoming themes?

  • We meet four times per year and our upcoming themes are Legacy, Boundlessness, Influence and Treasure.

High Council Benefits:

  • Meaningful high-level networking in sacred sisterhood (our amped up, enlightened, loving, respectful, collaborative, supportive, relationship-based, Divine Feminine, transformed version of “the good old boys club”)
  • Mutual support (and coordination when possible) of each other’s upcoming events
  • “Don’t let this happen to you” business wisdom-sharing 
  • Support for and solutions to business challenges you face
  • Celebration of your crowning business successes (big or small!)
  • A Ritual Kit mailed to your door

All conversations are held in agreed-upon confidence, are safe and nurturing--in a well-facilitated, honoring manner.

Participants will receive a Ritual Kit (mailed to your door) in preparation for each Zoom virtual meeting. When we are able, we will meet again in person. Until then, please know these Zooms are unlike most Zooms you've ever attended!

$99 for each gathering or purchase all four for $336 (15% savings).

(Venerable Women Changemakers receive a 20% saving. Please contact us at for your unique code.)

If you are unable to attend, you may send an employee, a team-member or client (who meets the principles listed above) in your place.

Please RSVP right away so that we may begin the process of energetically bringing you into the High Council.

Hosted by Venerable Women founder Dawn Morningstar & Mecca Page, Venerable Women Creative Director. Both are successful spiritual business women with a combined 74 years experience. (We honestly cannot believe that when we read it! Must be the Facial Serum #18!)