Living LOVE Weekend Program

Living LOVE Weekend Program

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Living LOVE (Life Of Venerable Expression) is the life–changing Venerable Women self-empowerment program that provides teachings and practices for your conscious awakening, deepening of spiritual understanding and elevation of your relationships with others.

Here's what women are saying about Living LOVE:

“Attending Living LOVE enabled me to take the beauty and wisdom of the teachings of the 12 V-Attitudes and apply them is a practical way to my everyday life. Living in this truth and in love has brought immense peace and joy to my life. Thank you for such an amazing gift, Dawn Morningstar!”

Mecca Page, Fine Art Representative & Former CEO of Breakaway Arts and Cafe

“Venerable Women’s Living LOVE helped refine my know that I am an expression of the Divine. Living this truth allow me to show up in mew ways in the works as a nurse, healer and wife. I have been set free.”

Katie Gross, RN, Founder of Healing Balance

“My mother and I are originally from Laos so we speak both Laotian and English. Because the Living LOVE program created a bridge to my higher self and deepened my spiritual understanding, my relationship with my mother has also deepened. The language barriers that stood in the way of the sacred truths my mother has been trying to teach me no longer stand in the way of me understanding. I am forever grateful for Venerable Women and my new sisterhood!”

Nia Rasavong, Owner of Ruam Mit Thai + Lao Restaurant

“The Living Love Circle came to me when I needed it the most!  I'm making many changes in my life and this program has supported these choices.  The sisterhood that I have in this group has help me beyond words... “   

Katie Wornson-Knaak

“I have found my time with the Venerable Women to be one of the most transformational times in my current life's walk. My soul now yearns for it and I find myself looking towards the next time, every time. I always leave with crystal clear insights and deep inspiration. I often wonder what I'm going to do when it ends.”  

Jody Benson Buell

“Thanks to Living LOVE I have found the circle of like-minded women I have been yearning for. I look forward to sharing a safe, sacred circle with my “sisters” every time!” 

Sonya Parks

Join Founder, Dawn Morningstar for a Weekend Workshop of Living LOVE

Two weekend workshops to choose from!

March 21st-22nd

April 25th-26th

$295/person includes workbook, lunches both days (vegetarian/vegan), tea and snacks.

Held in St. Paul, MN (Address and information will be sent after you register)

Living LOVE is a deep dive into the 12 V-Attitudes (Venerable Attitudes) which form three facets of wholeness: your relationship with yourself, your relationship with the Divine (Higher Power), and your relationship with others.

The 12 V-Attitudes are the foundational teaching from Dawn Morningstar’s award-winning book Venerable Women: Transform Ourselves, Transform the World. These gems support you to live as your highest and best self, so that you lead a happy and fulfilled life as the woman you came to Earth to be.

The Living LOVE Program is an in-person gathering (in sacred circle).