Women For ONENESS Embroidered Cap

  • $20.00
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Yep. We did it--we had caps made! Show that you believe in oneness for all people and all of life by wearing one of these beautifully embroidered lightweight caps!

Even if you're not a "hat person," you will love this one! The message is clear and bold--and unifying during these times of great change.

Wear your lovely cap when out for a walk, working in your garden, or marching for justice.

Or--gather with some friends and take a ONENESS Walk!

With your order, you'll receive some sweet ideas to personally prepare for a meaningful walk and how to create a ONENESS Walk in your neighborhood.

Gather and take a ONENESS Walk in an area that would benefit from a high-vibe blessing--or a peaceful march for justice. You'll consciously walk in oneness--infusing each person you encounter with a heartfelt intention for their happiness. It's magical!

This cap makes a powerful statement and tells the world you believe that we are all one. 

Want to take it a step further? Feel greater oneness and connection in your own life by becoming a member of Women for ONENESS--as little as $5 per month! You will love the benefits and will support Venerable Women.