"Women for Oneness" Weekly Inspiration (Choose What You Pay $5 or $10 per month)

  • $5.00

Would you like to feel inspired every Sunday morning? Does the idea of having a beautiful meditation, inspiration, affirmation and inner reflection question delight you?

52 inspiration focuses, we call WOW (Weekly Online Word), will set you on a path of inner peace and personal growth.

You will walk through your life with more joy and greater clarity--feeling happier, making better decisions and experiencing more loving relationships!

"I look forward to my WOW (Weekly Online Word) every week! I'm going to purchase a subscription for each of my daughters."      RH, Minneapolis, MN

This is a monthly subscription you will LOVE! You will be doing something positive for yourself--and for our world. Try it for a month and you'll see!

Why is this called Women for Oneness? It's simple: women understand that when they awaken to living as one--within themselves, with their Divine and with others, they live extraordinary lives. When women live their best lives, they are happier and free to be of greater service in the world. 

Women of Oneness are here on earth to use their love, their gifts and their energy to participate in the great change humanity is experiencing. The kind of change that occurs will depend on honoring our oneness with all of life. We are HERE for it!

 Benefits of Becoming a Woman for Oneness:

  1. You are affirming that you believe in the oneness of all of life.
  2. You become part of a sisterhood that believes in oneness too.
  3. ​​Every Sunday morning you'll receive a Weekly Online Word or WOW, a virtual interactive online magazine (with music and visuals) delivered to your inbox. This is brand new inspirational material created and voiced by Dawn Morningstar.

You'll experience "10 minutes of transformation" by the following elements in the WOW flipbook:

      • An inspirational message​ and teaching
      • A centering meditation
      • An affirmation
      • A weekly practice
      • Presence in an energetic field of love in which all members of Women for Oneness are focused on and practicing a venerable value for the week together

4. You can use your 10% Discount on Select Venerable Products, Programs and Classes.

​​5. You'll receive early inbox delivery of Venerable Living Virtual Monthly Magazine!

Pay what you are able

$5 or $10 per month

You get all of this--AND support a wonderful women's organization!

We thank you!